Do You Need Summer Tires?

Heritage Subaru Owings Mills understands that once the summertime hits, Maryland drivers want to be out and about, enjoying the gorgeous weather. So, should you get a set of tires for the summer? Almost every Subaru model is equipped with all-season tires as standard equipment. The question is: what makes summer tires different, and what makes them better for driving during the summer months than all-season tires?

The Purpose of Treads

There are good reasons why tire treads exist, mainly due to rain, sleet, and snow. When the pavement you’re cruising on is wet or there is a puddle on the road, your car’s tires will hit the water before they hit the pavement. If your Subaru vehicle is driving at 35 mile per hour or more, you could start to hydroplane. The tire treads channel the water away from your tires so they can reach the pavement and avoid the hazards of hydroplaning.

Summer Tire Treads

All-season tires have to keep winter’s slush and snow at bay. Their treads aren’t as thick or as deep as winter tires, but they are pretty rugged. Summer tires also have treads, but they aren’t as deep as all-season tread. This means that they will have a better grip during dry conditions.

Summer Performance

Not only are summer tire treads tinier, they also utilize special tread patterns to improve traction. The tires also use a stickier type of rubber for better traction control. At higher speeds, summer tires give you better control and stability around sharp, high-speed corners.

If you want your Subaru car to truly shine this summer, consider investing in a set of summer tires, which we offer here at Heritage Subaru Owings Mills!

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