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Keeping your Subaru car in top condition is important for safety, performance, and efficiency. Regular maintenance is essential, but sometimes you will notice things about your car that are out of the ordinary.

Here at Heritage Subaru Owings Mills, our expert mechanics would encourage you not to ignore the following signs that you need repair. Schedule an appointment with our Subaru repair center if you notice any of these are happening with your vehicle.  

Check Engine Light Illuminated 

If your car’s check engine light has turned on, it could mean a variety of things. It could be something as simple as a loose gas cap or something more complicated like catalytic converter issues. Our mechanics have the tools needed to diagnose the check engine light and provide your car with the proper repairs.  

Fluid Leaks 

Puddles of fluid underneath where your car sits in the garage or in the driveway can also be a sign of problems. Nothing should ever be dripping from your vehicle. Your Subaru car uses a number of fluids to operate its various systems, and it relies on these fluids to run safely and effectively.  

Unusual Noises 

If you’re noticing squeaking, grinding, whining, or knocking noises coming from your Subaru car, it could be a sign of trouble. Also, if your engine is louder when you accelerate your car, it could be a sign of catalytic converter trouble.  

Exhaust Smoke 

If your car is producing excessive, colored exhaust smoke, there is an issue. Black smoke indicates that your car is burning too much fuel, while blue smoke indicates oil in the combustion chamber.  

If you notice any of the above signs, or if your vehicle is exhibiting other symptoms, schedule a service appointment at our Owings Mills Subaru dealership.  

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