What Are the Best Outdoor-Oriented Subaru Models?


Heritage Subaru Owings Mills understands that Maryland drivers want to take advantage of the summer heat and make the most of the warm days while we have them. For all your outdoor adventures, a Subaru makes the perfect companion.

Subaru Crosstrek

Subaru vehicles are praised for their off-road capabilities, and the Subaru Crosstrek is a prime example. The Subaru Crosstrek hatchback will take you farther in nature than most other economy-minded cars. The automaker raised…

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Best Summer Road Trips in Maryland


With picturesque beaches, glorious waterfronts, and oodles of history and fantastic wildlife watching opportunities, Maryland offers some of the best summer road trip destinations in the country. Check out our top picks from the experts at Heritage Subaru of Owings Mills.


This historical city is just a 50-minute drive from Washington D.C. and is the Sailing Capital of the World. Uncover Maryland’s capital city by exploring the U.S. Naval Academy’s…

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National Car Care Month from Heritage Subaru Owings Mills


As a vehicle owner, you know that routine car maintenance is essential to ensuring that you have a safe and reliable vehicle. But due to their busy lives, many people will often put the well being of their car on the back-burner. April, which is National Car Care Month, is the perfect opportunity to get your car’s health back on track by taking it to our Heritage Subaru of Owings Mills service center.

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Prepping Your Subaru for Spring


Maryland winters can wreak havoc on your ride. From corrosion caused by driving over salt-slicked roads to having your engine working overtime due to the drop in temperatures, Heritage Subaru of Owings Mills understands the toll snowy conditions cause. That’s why it is so critical to prep your Subaru vehicle for spring once winter winds down.

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2019 Subaru Accent Carries the Torch for Superb Subaru Safety


Subaru vehicles have long been synonymous with safety and security. The 2019 Subaru Accent SUV continues this tradition, being distinguished by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) as a Top Safety Pick Model, putting this vehicle in the highest tier of safety awards that the institute offers. Whether you have a family you want to safeguard or wish to drive confidently every day, learn why the 2019 Subaru Accent puts a focus on your…

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