One of the biggest reasons drivers choose models like the Subaru Outback or the Subaru Impreza is that they know they’re getting a vehicle that will last. But even with the best quality, eventually you’ll need to replace some of your auto parts. To help you get the most out of your Subaru parts, our Heritage Subaru Owings Mills service technicians are sharing some tips and tricks for making your parts last longer.

Extend the Life of Your Car Parts

Use some of these suggestions to keep the parts in your Subaru SUV or car in great shape for a long time.

Keep up with maintenance. It can seem easy to delay an oil change, but parts that aren’t properly lubricated will wear out faster. Or you might be tempted to skip a tire rotation, but regularly rotated tires wear more evenly and don’t need to be replaced as often.

Take it easy when you drive. Over-enthusiastic acceleration, constant or heavy braking, taking a pothole or curb too fast – all of these can damage your auto parts or make them wear down faster. By slowing down and driving carefully you can do a lot to lengthen the life of your Subaru parts.

Check the weather. As we go into the colder months, be sure to leave yourself enough time to let your engine warm up. Overworking a cold engine can add more wear and tear to your parts. Similarly, too much exposure to the sun can damage the exterior and interior of your vehicle, so it’s best to avoid extreme temperatures as much as possible.

Subaru Part Replacements in Owings Mills

We hope that with these tips, it will be a long time before your Subaru parts need to be replaced. But when they do you can find genuine Subaru parts and highly trained technicians at our Owings Mills Heritage Subaru service center!

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