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Here at Heritage Subaru Owings Mills, we do everything in our power to keep the latest Subaru models rolling off the factory floor straight onto our lot. With demand for Subaru cars, both new and pre-owned, seemingly at an all-time high, it can be difficult to keep all your favorite Subaru models in stock at all times.

This is why we created the Heritage Subaru Owings Mills Reserve Program. Here’s an overview of how our Reservation Specialists can help you obtain the vehicle of your dreams.  

How It Works 

If you’re browsing the Heritage Subaru Owings Mills website and do not see the vehicle that you’re shopping for, don’t fret, because our Reservation Specialists are on the case. By using the Heritage Subaru Owings Mills Reserve Program at our Owings Mills Subaru dealership, you can ensure that you’ll be behind the wheel of your dream Subaru car the moment it hits our lot.  

To get started with the program, fill out the Vehicle of Interest section of the Heritage Reserve Program on our website with the vehicle that you’re interested in. Next, insert your contact information so that our Reservation Specialists can notify you when it is available.  

Next Steps 

After we have secured your preferred Subaru vehicle, your next step is to head over to Heritage Subaru Owings Mills to take a look at it in person. Our team of dealers is trained to go over all the available options and explain all the high-tech features. At this point, you can take the car for a test-drive to ensure that the vehicle is right for you.  

To learn more about the Heritage Subaru Owings Mills Reserve Program, pay a visit to our dealership.  

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